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Spiritual Smiles

Personalised / Customised goods for all occasions. Plaques (from recycled wood), glass ornaments, chinaware for Christmas, Valentines, St Patrick’s Day,  Easter, Vacations, Halloween and much more.

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Spiritual Smiles also offers a personal customisation service including advertising signs, display materials and much more. Please email

info@spiritual-smiles.com for details.

Please browse the rest of this site for details of my other work as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, and my involvement in the Huna movement, particularly the distribution of ‘The Little Pink Book of Aloha”

Tranquil Destiny

My ultimate goal is (along with my partner, Susie) to create  a spiritual retreat with a whole range of classes (dream boards, law of attraction etc.) to be fully wheelchair accessible, and free for anyone who needs it most !! Please click here to visit our website....